2019 : The year of the mind shift

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2020 is in a month and some change… I feel it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that’s almost over and get ready for the new year — all that without forgetting to live in the moment.The little introspection we are about to do is interesting because 2019 is, as I like to call it, the year of the mind shift

Around this time last year (2018), I discovered the audiobook You are a Badass at making money by Jen Sincero. A game changer! If there is something I remember, everything is in the mindset. Sometimes, we are the ones stopping our greatness. Well, that’s what I was doing. I wanted to “humble” myself. Don’t ask me why! I don’t know! So I accepted all type of shitty jobs that was making me unhappy and unaccomplished. I was literally wasting my time… until I leaped! If you want to know more about that time, check this postSo in December 2018, I sat down and took the time to “manifest.”

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The goals!

I divided my goals into 3 categories: financial, personal, and my blog.


In my diary, it is written, and I quote :

Everything I do, I do it with passion and dedication. I have to LOVE IT, and I’m going to work hard to make 1000 euros/month.

Money, money, money. The one thing we are so scared about. First and foremost, I had to work on my relationship with the guap. I was raised to fear money. Saying you love it, it is terrible. Admitting you want it is worst. In my family, money is a taboo. It is the “devil.” I really had to put some work on those false beliefs.
As of today, this is what I think (maybe in a week I’ll have a different opinion, but this is my state of mind NOW): I love money, and I need money, but money isn’t all in my life. I was terrified to say I love money. But it is what it is. We have to stop being hypocrites. How are you going to pay your bills and a nice vacation? In nature? If it’s your style, I don’t criticize. However, it isn’t mine. Therefore I need money. And other than paying bills, it allows me to have some fun. 

Result: We are in November, and let me tell you, my friend, I’m making more than 1000/month. So we can check this goal out! Oh and I’m saving $$$ too. I’m very proud.


Here’s what’s written in my diary :

– I’m moving forward
– Your actual situation isn’t who you are
– I’m strong and capable of anything with the most hight.

Letting go. That’s what I learned. I was holding on on unnecessary things and overthinking way too much. I wanted to know exactly where I was heading to plan everything out. Well, it doesn’t work like that. You have to trust your gut and the unknown. If you feel the path you’re in is the right one, keep pushing even though you do not understand where it leads. Let me explain. I’m a naturopath. I never studied journalism, but I work at the local TV. Now, as a result, I can edit videos, I can be in front of and behind the camera. And I’m interviewing singers like Destra, Spice or Niska I never thought I’d talked to. I’m moving forward. If God gives the opportunities, how can you say no? What next year has in store, I don’t know but one thing for sure I’m not backing down.

My blog

Oh boy! In all honesty, I think my goals were unrealistic…. or maybe I wasn’t motivated enough. It’s undoubtedly number 2. In other words, I failed big times. Here is what I wrote :

– Post daily on Instagram- well, it did not go as planned. In a year, I maybe posted 12 times, and I’m being optimistic.
– Weekly vlogs- In 2019, I posted ONE vlog.
– Post a blog post every two weeks- it didn’t happen.

I could of put more effort. Yes! I could of. But I didn’t! I’m very proud of the meaningful articles I wrote though.

Consistency is the word I chose. I feel like I’ve been pretty consistent (not for my blog, insta, and youtube), but I now respect my due dates. For someone who wasn’t organized, I am, and it makes me very proud.

In conclusion, I’m happy because I moved my little but. There are a few fears remaining but… it’s a work in process.

Do you guys manifest ? Let me know in the comments

Talk to you very soon

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