All my job experiences shape me

All my job experiences shape me

Now that I have a lot of free time, I can reflect on my life and all of my job experiences. I thought it would be interesting and funny to talk about the good and bad of each experience. Let’s go

At 8, I got introduced to the hustle.

I’ve been a hustler from a young age. My grandparents taught me. I don’t think I ever told you this, but I’m from a Martinican family. My grandparents have a green thumb. They used to cultivate lots of fruits and provisions. The production was too much for the family, so we used to sell. Each grandkid had its basket. Believe me, my grandma didn’t study commerce or marketing, but she can sell. My granddad was good too, but not as good. He died; therefore, it isn’t like before. However, my grandma still plants and sells the extra. Her garden, that’s her what keeps her alive.

The good: that summer job taught how to approach people. I can conversate with anybody easily. 

The bad: the heat, the rejection, the convincing, etc.. Sometimes, it can be exhausting. 

Fun fact: I still love selling with Mamie. 2 years ago, she had so much mint we used to sell some on Fridays. 

At 18, I created my hustle. 

After studying for a year in Montreal, I was looking for a summer job on the island. I found NOTHING! So, I did my own thing. I manage to give tutoring classes to students passing their “brevet.” Every day except on weekends I would give two-hour classes until their exams. That first year, I got 8 kids. Then it grew up to 22 kids. You know, when you provide quality people talk and after you got phone calls.

The good: Seeing the kids succeed! After studying, we would spend some quality time exchanging on life, and encouraging each other. It was adorable.

The bad: getting paid! There was ALWAYS that one parent giving me hell. When I know, I gave a quality service, PAY ME!

At 21, I pinched to a local newspaper.

I had issues with my visa; it didn’t arrive on time for the fall semester. So I spent it on the island. I didn’t want to stay there doing anything. Again, I was having trouble finding a job; therefore, I pitched to the local news. They loved the initiative. My mission was doing street interviews. It was similar to selling fruit and provisions with Mamie, except I was asking questions. I loved it. 

The good: laughing with people! 

The bad : I don’t recall…

At 25, I understood money isn’t all

I had just graduated, and I wanted a job. It was in 2017; I was going to Cali for 2 weeks. My neighbor had a restaurant on the Dutch side. I asked her if I could come to help her. She agreed! I was a waitress. A terrible one! I was slow. Let me explain why. The cook was a Spanish lady. She didn’t speak a word of English, nor French. For each order, I had to translate in Spanish the ingredients. Later, I understood the boss was exploiting her. Besides all the translating stories, people were despicable. Things started to get ugly when I started crying to go to work. I forgot to mention for 50$/day I was a waitress + a “shrink”. The lady would tell me all her problems. I was way too nice.

Now let’s talk about my other waitress experience in a well-known bakery on the french side. These people were ASSHOLES. Sorry I couldn’t find another polite word. I started after my Cali vacay in August. I had a 6-month contract, but after a month, I was already sick of that job. Then there was Irma in September, and that was IT! I guess Irma saved my ass for this one. The constant sneaky humiliations. I couldn’t deal with this anymore! 

The good: I improved my Spanish skills, I’m not fluent, but I swear you can understand what I mean. I also learn you can be kind to a certain extent; however, YOU HAVE TO make people RESPECT you!

The bad: these two experiences messed up my self-esteem. I thought I was worthless. I really had to work on my self-confidence again.

At 26, I found the best team ever. 

I wrote a lot about my experience here, and there. So I’m not going to tell you again, but I understood the importance of doing something you love. When you are passionate, the work isn’t a burden. 

The good: I think my favorite thing is meeting new people and laughing with them.

The bad: things don’t always work as planned, and it’s ok. However, it’s frustrating sometimes. That’s why you have to be FLEXIBLE! 

VoilĂ , 

I hope you are doing good. I talk to you guys next week. 


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