California Love


California was a dream! It has always been so in April, last year, my boyfriend and I decided to make it happen. This trip is what you would call in french « un coup de tête » (an impulse). We were looking for destinations for our summer vacation and I taught why not Cali?! At the end of the month the tickets were bought and the air bnbs booked (it took me longer to book ALL the air bnbs tough).

Los Angeles!

It all started in LA. We stayed 3 days in Silverlake a really cool neighborhood. Oh Yeah. I forgot to mention it was a road trip. To me, it didn’t make sense to travel all the way to the West Cost to stay only in one place.

The things we did:

  • Runnyon Canyon : it was on my bucket list!!! We did it on the first days because we were a bit jet lagged and woke up the first mornings at 3 am PT which is 6 ET. Great thing because around 6am it isn’t too hot and not too crowded (Parking is hell over there so the earlier you make it, the luckier you are). I really enjoyed my experience. We walked for more than 2 hours. There were dogs everywhere, people were really friendly and the VIEW was BREATHTAKING!!!
  • The Grove : On our hunt to an Apple store we found the Grove. It is basically a huge open shopping center. My favorite thing about it was the movie. We went two times (Told you! we really loved it!). At the movie, you reserve your seats and you can get cocktails to go inside. I was impressed. Huge difference with our movie on the island.
  • Farmer’s Market : If you are a foodie, this is heaven. There is all kind of food. We went for Churrascaria (Brazillian food).
  • Hollywood : I was disappointed. It is basically one crowded street. I mean I saw it, I’m happy but it didn’t blew my mind.

LA to San Francisco

To get to SF it took us two days. It isn’t that far but we stopped like 1087363 times. I mean. Hello. I was living my dream. So yeah. We stopped at the beach, then we got to Ojai, then I wanted a cowboy hat in Santa Rosa. Hearst Castle was a must! The Elephant Seals. A must too. We took our time.

At some point HW1 was closed because of the heavy rain they had in Spring 2017. So no Big sur for me. It was on my bucket list but I saw the mountains instead through road 46 and it was as beautiful!

ps: However there is a way you can get there tough. I saw it on an Instagrammer’s stories but at the time I didn’t know.

San Francisco

One thing I’ll remember : THE. WIND!! It was cold! Even during summer a jacket is mandatory. I wish someone told me!

In SF we took things really easy. We could of done more things but we enjoyed each other compagnie. The prison was booked out unfortunately so….  next time!

SF to Joshua Tree Park

Before heading south we went to Point Reyes located two hours north from SF. My next time in Cali, I’m staying a least a week here. I just loved it!!! I love nature, authenticity and a touch a of je ne sais quoi. Well this was the place for me. It was cute AF.

The town is looking like a western movie and then a little further (like an hour drive from town) there is the fare. I saw (and smelled) pingouins and whales (my favorite mammals!!)

Because we couldn’t do it straight to the desert we stopped in Bakersfield for a night.

The next day we were on the go again.

Joshua Tree


We were ALONE in the cutest RV. It was so beautiful. I don’t have words to describe such a beauty.  So here are the pics!

Back to LA

On our way back to LA we stopped in Palm Spring. It was 46°C, we had a hard time walking for too long (BTW no one ever walks in Cali!)

Once we were back we tried to do some iconic things like art district, Santa Monica, Griffith observatory,Venice, The lamp posts at LACMA, etc..

Voilà ! That’s it for the 10 great days in California. It was just amazing. We got to experience different temperatures and landscapes in just one state. For sure I’ll go back, there is so much I wanna do!

Bisous Bisous Tracy!


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