Carnival 2018

Carnival 2018


Hello There!

The carnival on the Dutch side has come to an end #sadface! However, before closing the chapter officially for 2018, I’d like to tell you more about it so maybe you can come next year?!

In the Caribbean culture carnival is very important. It’s that time of the year where you get loose and wine that bum bum. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, politician, teacher, unemployed : EVERYONE GETS TOGETHER! Because there are two parts on the island, we have two carnivals (double the fun babyyy). The French one is in February, it’s the warm up and in April it’s the Dutch one. This year edition was special : we were celebrating life after Irma!

The carnival village is where the magic takes place. There are many shows at night : reggae night, zouk/compa, latin night, Soca rumble, Wet fete, etc… You don’t only dance, you also eat. Many stands sell food! Good food! My favorite, and it’s very cliche, is chicken sate and Johnny cakes. Good thing because all the rhum need to be buffered. I’m not a drinker but I’ve seen a lot.

My two favorite events are the Jouvert and the Parade.

The Jouvert

It is early morning. Basically, trucks are playing music. LOUD soca/bouyon music and you dance behind them. Written like this, you may not be feeling it, but believe me my gyal, it’s LIT!! The trucks are moving ; the track is always a loop. We start at 4 am (for once Caribbean are on time) and finish around 11 am. It seems endless but you lose track of time. It’s all about having fun. This year, I went with my mom (it was her first time), my sister and a good friend. We had so much fun! Unfortunately my mom had to go at 5:30am because she was working for 7! Oh yeah!! I forgot to mention, French side isn’t on vacation like the Dutch side so a lot of kids skip school to come bacchanal. Some teachers too but my mom refused and she is right! What is the excuse?! “Getting loose!”. Anyways… back to the subject! I laughed so much that day. I danced until my ankles couldn’t anymore. Ok! I have to be objective and tell you the whole truth. Alcohol is very much present. Very few drink water. So you guessed it, things can get a little bit out of control. However, it’s safe. There a lot of police officers and they aren’t playing. Security is their number one priority. Unlike the bacchanalists they aren’t dancing, they’re focus.

The Parade

As for the parade, it’s two days back to back. Colorful that’s all I have to say. Men and women look damn good! Diversity issues? Nonexistent! Everyone is welcome! I’ve never done it but it might change next year. Who knows?! The dates for the 2019 Carnival are already out. It’s gonna be from April 22nd to May 6th. This one will be as special as the one we just had because it will be the 50th anniversary!! Go ahead, put it in your agenda, book your tickets and come experience SXM.


Before I leave you,  I wanna share with you a little video.

Talk to you soon,

It’s time for me to rest my body (and go back on a healthy diet)







  1. Elisa
    May 15, 2018 / 11:25 am

    We had a lot of fun ! Jouvert was lit !
    Je kiff tes photos !!!!
    Ça donne envie de refaire le carnaval <3

    • Tracy
      May 23, 2018 / 10:35 am

      Ouiii!! Merci madame!! Ce n’est que maintenant je vois ton commentaire. Lol… Je ne suis pas encore au point lol.

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