Snorkeling versus Scuba diving: all you need to know

Snorkeling versus scuba diving :

Last month, to end the staycation on a good note, we went snorkeling with Bubble Shop. Christelle and I loved it so much we wanted to try scuba diving. Now that I’ve finally tried both snorkeling and scuba diving, I can compare the two. So in today’s blog post, we’ll be talking about snorkeling versus Scuba diving: all you need to know! The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Snorkeling versus diving: the depth makes a big difference

A snorkeler is at the surface while a scuba diver goes much deeper. It changes everything in terms of perception. When you are snorkeling, you see the fish from above, but you are at the same level as the fish when you’re scuba diving. They are facing you! I swear you get all the feels. 

We went in the same spot with Bubble shop, the creole rock, for both snorkeling and diving. We got two different experiences. 

The gear isn’t the same

All you need to snorkel is a mask, fins, and a snorkel. That’s it! On the opposite of scuba diving, you need a bottle, fins, mask, a suit, lead, etc.… I mean, you have to be prepared!

With scuba diving you can level up not with snorkeling

If you liked the diving experience, there are classes, so you become more comfortable. There are five levels if I remember correctly. Vincent told me for the first level; we get familiar with the breathing equipment on our own. We also learn safety measures, etc.… It cost 360 euros. I’m planning to do it, by the way! It only takes three half days at the creole rock, and guess what? The last one is at Tintamare. With level one, you can dive down to 20 meters.

I had enough good images to do a volt, so here it is!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I cannot wait to share another adventure with you guys !!


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