Social pressure : My life does not have due dates!

Social pressure : My life does not have due dates!

Hello Loves!!

I’m 26! Yay!!! No kids, none in my womb, no ring on my finger, I don’t have a stable job (yet!) nevertheless I’m living my best life. On top of all of that, I’m really grateful for another year. According to society, I’m a failure because I didn’t respect my “due dates”!! (Haha). Spiteful people start wondering : when am I going to have kids ?,  when am I getting married ?, where I am working?, Ooh… You don’t have a job (#BigEyes) ? These are the questions I had and still have to deal with! At first, it used to pissed me off but now I handle them like pro! Bring it on baby!! Let me answer them once and for all!!

When are you gonna have kids ?

I don’t get that inquiry! I mean do you see me with a big belly ? Did I personally tell I want to have kids. Did I even mention to you I have baby fever? NO! Therefore why do you even bother minding MY business! My life is so busy. I’m the type of person who wants more hours in a day so how come some people have free time to gather new informations that aren’t related to them.
Imagine someone with infertility issues, do you think it’s ok to make them feel worst, sad and pressure them. Bad idea!

When are you getting married ?

Second dumb question! If marriage is that important to you, go ahead ask your man or your woman to put a ring on it. If he/she did already, CONGRATS!!! I’m really happy for you (#ForReal). But leave me alone! We are in 2018. Compared to some, marriage isn’t that meaningful to me. I respect your opinion. Do the same! The white dress business IS NOT every girls dream. And I don’t wanna start a debate here but I feel like getting married for a lot is A FINISH LINE! Dushiii! Hello! Your life ain’t done! How can your life depend on a proposal? This is so 1920. Don’t get me wrong, if you aim for that it is great. However, YOU HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! A man/woman or a big fat wedding won’t be able to do that for you. Your whole life does not revolve around a diamond.

Where are you woking ? Wait whaaat?! You don’t have a job?

Nop hunny! I don’t have a job! Did I ask you for guap ? Are you feeding me? No right?! As a result, my finances are once again none of your business! Next question!

When you’re buying that house?

The big house with the “bimma” parked in the garage is not one of my dream. I love a shack. A tiny little shack (less cleaning). With very few neighbors, my dogs, my cat and my pig. We are all different and we are seeking for different things.

All I’m trying to say is we are ALL at different stages in life and we don’t have the same pace. The stereotype 25 married to a muscular husband, with kids, the golden retriever loosing bunch of hair and the big house is overrated (for some). Very often we feel the need to justify our actions to others. We want people to understand why we don’t have a job, why we aren’t in a relationship, why we got sick, why this, why that. We tend to forget our life is ours. Society shouldn’t pressure us! Me, I no longer feel pressured. And If you are trying to stress me over nothing… well f*ck you!

That’s it for today! I hope you you liked the topic!


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