The Bare Essentials

The Bare Essentials

If there’s one thing Coronavirus reminded me: it’s all about the bare essentials. On the 24th of April, we celebrated my mom’s birthday. It was a quarantine celebration. Just like a fine wine, she gets better with age. She is 53. Have you noticed she has a crown? A natural grey hair crown. Then, on May 13th, we celebrated my birthday. Unlike my mother’s it wasn’t a lockdown party so my friend came over. I’m 28.

My friend, it is the bare essentials.

Birthdays are very important to my family and I, and we strongly believe they shouldn’t be taken for granted. God gifted you another year, 365/366 days of life; therefore, it should be a celebration. As you are all experiencing it, 2020 is challenging. We were in quarantine because of Coronavirus! Now we are living a new life WITH coronavirus. Not easy! I’m writing another blog post on life after quarantine. To sum things up quickly, I feel way more anxious now than I did in lockdown. I’ll tell you more about it.

I will say one last time, my friend : it is the bare necessities.

Anyways, just like you, I have my bright days and my darker days, but I refuse to be bothered. I have the most important. I have LIFE.

Back to the birthday!! On April 24th, we created magic Jessy and I. We woke up early. To be honest, we planned to be up at 6 am but you know… Quarantine sleep was so sweet. Lol. We baked a chocolate cake, our favorite! And Jessy spiced up the garden. It was BOU-GIE, Hunny! Even tough, we were home it didn’t feel like. Again, it is the bare essentials.

For my birthday, on May 13th, it was the same vibe. Quarantine ended on the 11th but it was impossible to go out. My job surprised me with lunch. I was so happy to see them! Later on, I celebrated with the fam and my best friend. Priceless.


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