What I wish I knew before running my first relay race

What I wish I knew before running my first relay race

Hello hello,

If you follow me on Insta, you know I ran my very first relay race for Sint Maarten’s/Saint-Martin’s Day on November 11th. In case you didn’t know yet, we are one island with two different governments. I had fun! Maybe not running: the wind was against me, and I had two hills. However, I’m proud of me for finishing. The glory isn’t all mine though, my mom and a few people helped me mentally. Anyways…  Here’s what I wish I knew before running my first relay race :

  1. Tell your team you aren’t a runner! I was very clear with mine, I told them straight, I never really run in my life. BUT, I was asked to run exactly one month before the big date. This is very tight, and this brings me to point #2.
  2. You need good training! One month was too tight for me. I should have said no! Swimming 3 times a week isn’t the same as running. This was my mistake. If you are running for a race, you need to run for your training!
  3. Warm up! Warm up Warm up! For the big day before you get the stick! Warm up!!! I was laughing and making jokes with Djanyl, but when I started running I felt it! It wasn’t funny anymore! My calves were BURNING!!!!
  4. Mind over matter! As my mom made me realized before even trying to run up the hill, I declared I couldn’t! I should have definitively tried harder!
  5. Stretching is super duper important! I didn’t stretch enough and correctly so I feel it now! My walk is very funny.
  6. Last but not least… Choose your leg carefully! I should have chosen my leg better and forget about the hills.

Overall it is was a fun experience. There will be a next time with better preparation. Check my vlog so you can feel the vibe and see the fun! Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel, so I have more than 2 subscribers. Haha! 

Talk to you guys soon,

Xo Tracy


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